Big Dances for RC Clubs

It it always more fun to have lots of friends at a dance, so the clubs in Rainier Council have agreed to have a Big Dance nearly every month with all dancers attending a designated club’s regular dance that month. In addition, Rainier Council schedules some big dances that everyone is encouraged to attend, such as our New Years Eve dance and our spring Lollapalooza dance (co-sponsored with other nearby councils). Here is the schedule for the 2022-23 dance year.

11/19/2022  Big Dance @ Swingnuts, Sumner VFW
12/9/2022  Big Dance @ Young Bunch, Collins Grange
12/31/2022  New Years Eve Dance @ Collins Grange
1/28/2023  Big Dance @ Bonney Lads ‘n’ Lassies, Collins Grange
3/3/2023  Big Dance @ Spinners, Buckley Hall
4/1/2023  Big Dance @ Roamin’ Tacomans, Orting Multi-Purpose Center
4/29/2023  Lollapalooza Dance @ Auburn Senior Activity Center