Swingnuts Square & Round Dance Club

Location: Sumner, Washington.

This Club is a “Mainstream” square dance and round dance club . It was founded in 2010, and serves the southern Puget Sound and greater Tacoma/Pierce County area of Washington State, and maintains an active year-round dance schedule (see below)…or you can click here for the club’s “official” online calendar for up-to-date information or last minute changes. The Swingnuts dance at the Sumner VFW Hall, 1705 Willow St., Sumner WA 98390 (click here for a map).

A monthly SATURDAY DANCE is held on the 3rd Saturday each month (October thru May).

During the regular dance season (October thru mid-June) Thursday evenings are generally devoted to lessons & “workshops”. Then, from late June thru August (when most other clubs in WA take a hiatus from dancing) the club sponsors a very popular summer-long weekly dance series (“Thursday-Nite Lites”) featuring a different caller each week.

Membership in the club is open to couples, “singles” (with or without a dance partner), and families with children 8 years or older.

The club’s regular “caller” is Don Wood, a national caller with over 40 years of square dance calling and instruction experience. Marie Wood (Don’ wife) is the club’s regular round dance “cuer”. “Donnie & Marie” are quite the dynamic-duo!

“Donnie & Marie” Wood

The Swingnuts Square (& Round) Dance Club is a member of the Rainier Council. One of 11 councils in the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington, Rainier Council is comprised of 7 square and round dance clubs (there are approximately 90 federated clubs across the state).

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