Square Dance Lessons (Classes) in Pierce County WA

Exercise Your “Right to Pursue Happiness” – Learn How to Square Dance If you are looking for something to do as a couple (or an unattached single) in order to re-ignite your social life, consider Square Dancing. It will revitalize your Pursuit of Happiness and put Fun back in your step! Today’s square dancing is much different than what you may have experienced in grammar school or in a high school physical education class.  Square dance music covers all genres (pop, classical, rock-n-roll, even rap) in addition to “country” these days.  Western attire is an option, not a requirement. Casual attire when taking lessons, and attending dances, is entirely acceptable. Square dancing focuses on FUN, not artistry! If you have never tried square dancing because you think you have “two left feet”, … Continue reading Square Dance Lessons (Classes) in Pierce County WA